Why Personality Tests May Not be the Best Hiring Tool for Your Business?

Why Personality Tests May Not be the Best Hiring Tool for Your Business?

Over 80% of Fortune 500 companies use personality tests to assess potential and current employees to make hiring decisions as well as for team building. Commonly used ones are the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator, Caliper Profile, Hogan Assessments, and StrengthsFinder.

Some pros to personality tests include:

1.Understanding strengths: A personality test can help the hiring manager know which soft skills to look for during an interview.

2. Gain a deeper understanding of candidates: A personality test can familiarize you with a person beyond what is listed on a resume or during an interview. A personality test can help you determine how the candidate may fit into your work culture.

3. Team Building:  Building and managing teams may be easier after administering personality tests, to help understand each individual team member and build a high-functioning team.

While these factors may make a personality test an obvious choice in your hiring practices, there are also cons to using them.


1.Tests take time: Testing and obtaining the results from a professional can take valuable time. Your candidate may find a different job or leave you with a vacancy for far too long.

2.Tests cost money: Personality estimates are not cheap, ranging from $100-$5000 per candidate.

3. Regulations: Personality assessments can technically be designed an administered by anyone since they are not subject to any government regulation. Accurate interpretations or unintentional discrimination depend on a well-trained professional to handle the test results.

4. Aren’t a Complete Answer: These tests may be an indicator of how someone will perform but are not a guarantee of a candidate’s performance.

Since personality tests are costly and timely, it may not be a great use of your company resources to use them as a hiring tool. They are also most definitely not a stand-alone tool. An interview, resume, and checking references are still necessary. Government regulations may vary by state and locality as well for what types of tests you can use as a pre-employment screening, so proceed with caution if you do go this route. You will definitely be able to find qualified employees without them so keep them as a consideration but know that they are not absolutely necessary to building your business.