Two Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Bookkeeper

Two Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Bookkeeper

If you’re like a lot of small business owners you are hands on, involved in every aspect of making sure your company becomes and stays successful. You answer the phones, you pound the pavement, you do the research. And you do your own bookkeeping. But that last one can have unforeseen drawbacks. Here are two major reasons doing your own bookkeeping can be a bad idea.

Reason #1: It can effect your bottom line

Even if math was your favorite subject in school it doesn’t mean you have the time, or the experience to handle accounts payable and receivable, payroll, invoicing and more. As a business owner you should be concentrating on growing your company. Outsourcing your bookkeeping will give you the time to focus on your core business needs. Instead of taking valuable time setting up spreadsheets, spend those hours developing new products or finding new clients. And a professional bookkeeper can help you to avoid costly mistakes. Something as simple as an unpaid invoice can result in a real hit on your company’s credit which could harm your business for years to come.

Reason #2: It can effect your sanity!

Let’s face it, small business owners don’t dedicate much of their time to taking care of themselves. But there’s growing body of evidence that lack of downtime can have a negative impact on your mental health. A professional bookkeeper can free up hours that you can use for self-care. Listen, we’re not saying hiring a bookkeeper will mean you have time for weekly massages and spa days. But it can mean you get home in time to have dinner with your family, or that you don’t have to spend your Saturdays trying to figure out who paid what or whatever happened to that invoice. Taking care of yourself will make you more productive which in turn will help your business thrive.

So, do yourself and your business a favor and hire a bookkeeping service. Your sanity, and your bottom line will thank you.