Trying To Grow Your Real Estate Business? You Need An Office Admin!

Trying To Grow Your Real Estate Business? You Need An Office Admin!

The real estate business is fast paced and often very demanding. Clients are often excited and motivated to sell their homes and purchase new ones.  As a realtor, your time is filled with showing homes, addressing client concerns, and collaborating with other realtors. But as hard as you work, you can only see a certain number of clients. How can you break through and see even more clients? Free up your time by hiring on office administrative assistant. Here are some of the great ways that an office admin can help you grow your real estate business.

Marketing can be tedious and take a lot of time. An office admin can help with the marketing aspects of your business. They can design and send out marketing mailers with tips for your clients and potential new clients. Social media is a great marketing tool and way to stay in touch with clients and attract new clients. But with how time consuming it is, this task often gets you bogged down. Office assistants can increase your social media reach by posting blogs and client engagement posts.

The operations side of your business can also consume your time in small tasks that can easily be done by an office admin. They can effectively manage your customer relationships by using your notes on your interactions with them. Office admins can also manage and research buyer and seller leads, update listings, organize data, transactions, and paperwork.

Let’s not forget how office admins can help with administrative tasks! They can free up a great deal of your time by making phone calls, scheduling meetings, respond to emails, and manage your calendar. These tasks eat up a great deal of your time as a real estate agent but think carefully about how much interaction with clients you want your office admin to take over. Assess carefully what will help you and what could hurt you, since your clients really want to be talking to you the majority of the time, not your assistant!

How do you know if you’re ready for an office admin? You want to grow your business, and this will be a process that will happen gradually as you outsource some of your tasks. Take some time to analyze your current business process. Document all of the tasks that you have to complete on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Once you’ve figured out your process, analyze each step to determine which tasks are taking up the majority of your time. These are the tasks that you’ll want to outsource first. Start by hiring a contract office admin or a virtual admin. This will let you test the waters and only use an office admin as you need it. Then with the time it frees up, you can grow your business by obtaining more clients, and use your office admin more and more. Office administrative assistants will help grow your business to the next level!