Top Five Web Based Business Tools For Small Businesses

Top Five Web Based Business Tools For Small Businesses

Running a business isn’t easy-or cheap. There are so many items to take into consideration; it can make your head spin. When all you want to do is build your empire, sell enough products or services to afford you a hefty retirement, and be known as one of the Fortune 500, you have to worry about the piddly things like bookkeeping, office administration, and keeping close relationships with clients/potential clients.

Lucky for you, I have just the cure for the new brand hangover! By scouring the interweb, I’ve found my top 5 favorite tools for small businesses!

VoxOx-If you could sew your phone to your hand, it would probably be so much easier, right? You’re on the go, you have your cell, your work, your home numbers, your email accounts, and an instant-messaging program, and no time to keep tabs on them all. VoxOx will give you a phone number and filter in all contacts from every device/tool you use. This new number can also be dialed in, and forwarded to any computer or phone you wish. VoxOx gives users 2 free hours, then, you can either pay a fee, or get more free calls by watching ads.

Fonolo-I can hear the angels calling-and when I say calling, I mean I don’t have to press 2, then 4, then 6, then 0, then wait ten minutes to hear them. Fonolo has mapped out the automated customer service phone trees of 200 companies. Log in and click on the department you want to reach, and Fonolo will make the call and navigate the system for you. There’s an app available as well. Think of all the time you’ll save!

LuckyCal-This free web tool integrates all your calendars to make it easier to keep in touch and meet with friends or business contacts. LuckyCal scans your colleagues’ and clients’ Outlook calendars and Facebook profiles and emails you when they are in your area; a great benefit for an out of state potential client. Get it quick though; LuckyCal plans to charge for an enterprise version that launches later this year.

FreeScreenSharing-Sometimes, you just want to have a meeting from the convenience of your cabana; FreeScreenSharing lets you share your computer screen with others, offering unlimited meeting with up to 96 participants at a time! You can even use their dedicated conference bridge for FREE!

Google Drive-I would like to take a moment and tell you I’m totally on the Google Ship, sipping on their googleritas; they are just the dreamiest! Google Drive is, in my humble opinion, the single most greatest tool Google has introduced so far! Similar to Dropbox, Google Drive lets you store, sync, and access your files from anywhere, including mobile devices. When you visit the Google website,  you’ll see it between ‘Gmail’ and ‘Calendar’.