Tips on Using Office Management to Control Chaos

Tips on Using Office Management to Control Chaos

Most of us have experience with working in some type of office environment with experiences ranging from good to bad! Employees much prefer working in a well-run office environment, which can be established using great office management strategies!

Here are some tips to get your office under control today!


A cluttered, junky office is stressful for everyone! Anything that is unnecessary for people to do their work should be removed from an office space. Did you upgrade furniture or computers? That means it is time to get rid of the old ones, they should not be in a closet or left in a corner somewhere. Too many office supplies can also lead to clutter and waste, since that is money that was spent but may just be gathering dust in a closet. Designated places for incoming and outgoing mail, invoices,

2. Fix the Broken

No one wants to work in an environment that feels out of date or inefficient. Make sure that your office equipment is modern and in good working order. Broken printers or copiers should be fixed quickly, and ancient computer software updated to a more modern version. Having a workspace that is in good working order also helps an employee to feel pride in their work environment and company, since they will feel well taken care of and that they have the tools they need to do their job.

3. Scheduling

Too many workers or not enough workers can lead to a chaotic work environment. An office manager needs to establish work schedules so that there are enough employees to manage the workload of the office. You may need to stagger the arrival times and leaving times of different employees so that the office has proper coverage at all times, particularly if someone at the business needs to be answering phone calls or welcoming customers. Make sure that not too many employees take vacation or lunch breaks at the same time and have written policies involving absenteeism or tardiness.

4. Stop Conflict

People who work together do not have to be great friends, but they need to be able to get along professionally. If there is conflict between employees that is causing disruption, it needs to be handled swiftly and professionally by the office manager. These issues can quickly become an office wide problem or an embarrassing situation if it starts to become apparent to your clients. Have clear and established rules for office conflict and a mediation strategy for when employees have a conflict.


Following these tips can help you create a calm and efficient workplace!