Tips for Virtual Team Building

Tips for Virtual Team Building

Even before the current pandemic, our company’s workforce was virtual. The bookkeepers, assistants, and other employees that we supplied to other businesses never worked together under one roof. It’s always been important for me to try to have a sense of community among our employees. The Covid-19 pandemic has employers who never had remote workers before scrambling to cope with a sense of disconnect. You might ask why team building is important. As Simone Johnson of writes, “During stressful times, taking a break to engage in activities that build team spirit will help you and your employees maintain balance and positivity. There is nothing quite like face-to-face interaction, and because of COVID-19, many teams are working remotely. This physical distance between team members can create a shift not only in productivity, but in company culture and how people feel and operate as a team. Virtual team building helps bridge this gap and improves communication.” To help your company with team building, we’ve rounded up some ideas from and elsewhere.

Fun and Games – Instead of diving straight into the business at hand, start some of your virtual staff meetings out with a game. Scavenger hunts, general knowledge quizzes, or company trivia are all a fun way to get your team fired up. Or, consider small giveaways, like $5 gift cards to a local coffee shop. Keep it fun and positive, don’t withhold prizes to punish certain employees. Spread the love.

Theme Days – Once a month or so, have a theme day for virtual staff meetings. It can be anything from support your favorite sports team, to wear your favorite color. Or, even something as simple as having everyone log into the meeting under the name of their favorite book character.

Watch Videos Together – Have your team watch TEDx Talks or other motivational content, and allot time for your team to discuss what they’ve watched. Your employees’ creativity might be sparked by what they see, and they may come up with new ways for your company to do things that will benefit your bottom line.

Virtual Coffee Breaks – Meet with small teams, or one-on-one just to check-in. You as the boss don’t always have to present, encourage employees to schedule times to check in with one another. Or, schedule an occasional (optional) Zoom happy hour.

Many employers and employees are still adjusting to working virtually. Keeping your employees’ morale and sense of camaraderie up helps to keep productivity from falling. We at VersaTel Solutions are experts at working remotely. Reach out to us to see how we can help your business.