Three Ways to Start the New Year Right in Business

Three Ways to Start the New Year Right in Business

It’s been longer than I thought since I last blogged! It’s been a very busy year, which is ALWAYS a good thing, but as new year’s go, I’m making the resolution promise to share more often, because after all, I’m in the business of making business easy. A few things have transpired since I last blogged a year and a half (a year and a half!) ago. My Fairfax chapter is still going strong, and we’ve moved from The Greene Turtle to Oh George! (same day and time).  I’ve taken on two new roles-as the affiliate sponsor for the HSSG, and as partner and Director of Communications for neXco Corporation. Both positions offer challenges and advantages I’m very much looking forward to.


Another promise I make to this year is to be more valuable. In saying that, I want to share with you the five ways I recommend my clients to start their new year off to get a leg up on the new year, and finish the year off at least TWICE as good as they started it.


  1. Do an Audit

Audit your books for the health of your business. If you review your chart of accounts and find there are accounts you haven’t used in a while, deactivate them. Also, make sure that all your transactions are coded correctly. This will help your taxes, and your bottom line.  You need to give your books to your accountant for taxes anyway. You may as well make sure the new year starts off clean!


  1. Clean your office

I mean throw away anything you haven’t looked at in the last six months, dust and vacuum, whatever you need to do to get that desk and space looking as good as new. Buy yourself a new candle, one that makes you feel like you’re in a spa, and while you’re at it, get a desk plant. Your desk should inspire you, your job is a career, you love what you do, now make your space a place you love to be.


  1. Make a List

Every year, on New Year’s Day (or the next day) I make a list of everything I want in the new year. Sometimes they’re mundane things like new coffee mugs, or new kitchen towels. But others are more adventurous and challenge me for example add 10 new clients by June, net twice what I make now, employ 5 more people. Whatever my desires are, I write them down, and wouldn’t you know it, every year at least 95% of those things come to fruition (the rest usually come to fruition another year, meaning I really do get everything I write down!) Your thoughts are the seeds, and paper is the soil. Put your thoughts into motion and that energy will bring those things to you. You may feel silly writing them down, but believe me, it works! I usually put that paper where I will see it every day. On the side of my refrigerator next to my French press.

Start your year off fresh and clean and check in with yourself every few months to make sure you’re still on the same path. Happy New Year! May it bring you abundance and prosperity, and for me? More time to blog!