Teach Your Employees Not to Get Hacked

Teach Your Employees Not to Get Hacked

Small businesses may not have a dedicated department or even just someone who’s in charge of IT risk. But the recent Twitter hack should have gotten every business’s attention. The hack was aimed at high-profile Tweeters, but every business can become a victim of hackers. With more staff working from home, it’s imperative that your employees know what to do to protect your business from hackers.

The website business2community warns, ” (I)f one corporate account or page is hacked, it can set-up a chain of events via the other connected accounts. The bad actors may gain access to customers for phishing, may post to the company’s pages, or gain access to the credentials of other pages for future plans. All of these events cause damage to the company and potentially long-term brand reputation damage.”

Don’t just assume your team knows how to keep your company safe from cyber attacks. Working from home can cause your employees to get lax with security protocols. When they’re logged into your network, or into any computer they use for work, reiterate these common-sense tips from business2community.com:

  • Don’t click on ads.
  • Don’t share passwords.
  • Don’t engage with suspicious posts.
  • Don’t accept friend requests from accounts/people you don’t know or you haven’t vetted. Pay very close attention if it appears the CEO, President, or VPs are attempting to connect with you. (This is a common hacker ploy to get you to accept the connection and then they hack into the corporate accounts via your credential connection).
  • Don’t accept duplicate friend requests.
  • Don’t use social media on public WiFi systems (unless you know you are running over a VPN),Do change passwords often and use a password locker for global team access.

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