Secrets of Successful Businesswomen

Secrets of Successful Businesswomen

VersaTel Solutions is proud to be a woman-run company helping other businesses succeed . And we get inspiration from other successful women business owners. recently published a list of what they call “the routines, productivity hacks, and mindsets that these top female founders say have made all the difference”. Here are some of the ones we thought business owners would find most interesting.

Jeanne David, Founder and CEO, Outer Aisle: “I’m a firm believer that establishing an easy-to-keep morning routine can help anyone feel grounded even on your most hectic days. I get up early and make myself a cup of matcha or run to my local coffee shop with proper social distancing measures in place–which is a sort of ritual in itself that helps me wake up and keeps me energized. I devote one hour each morning to practicing mindfulness–reading, praying, journaling–and I write down three things I’m grateful for each day. Making gratitude part of each morning helps me literally count out my blessings and put everything into perspective. Only after that do I take some time to skim my inbox for any important emails that need immediate attention.”

Ashley Merrill Founder and CEO, Lunya: “Ikigai is a mantra that I try to keep front of mind for me and my team. It’s a Japanese word about seeking joy as a culmination of doing something you are good at, something you can get paid for, something the world needs, and something you love. I like this focus because unlike happiness, which tends to be more fleeting, this kind of joy is more enduring and gives individuals a sense of ownership.” 

Nooshin Behroyan Founder and CEO, Paxon Energy: “I established Paxon looking through an impact lens to help us look at, what is our why? What really matters? Are we doing work that’s impactful? And this has become our company culture. I often communicate to our employees that we’re a team, not a family. I believe, strongly, in creating a culture in which we choose to work alongside our team-mates because they are the best at what they do.”

Diana Lee Co-Founder and CEO, Constellation Agency: “Try to ask for more in every negotiation without crossing the line. It’s important that people know their worth and asking for more simply shows people that you respect your own worth and what you can deliver for people. Asking for more also becomes a habit. If you feel comfortable asking for more, it will become a part of your mindset and will make you feel more comfortable doing it.”

These are all great tips for business owners, but sometimes businesses need more than tips. At VersaTel Solutions, we offer many services that can save businesses time and money. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business become even more successful.