How and Why an Entrepreneur Should Take a Break

How and Why an Entrepreneur Should Take a Break

As a small business owner, you may be filling many roles within your organization. You probably work well over eight hours per day to fulfill your role as business owner, HR specialist, social media director, accountant, and customer service manager.

Keeping your head down in the many day-to-day responsibilities of running your business is necessary but at the same time, not having a chance to step away from your business prevents you from having the time to think about and make plans for your business.

Take a break when you can to set your vision for the future, plan, strategize, and think about ways you would like to grow. Additionally, your personal health and relationships may suffer from logging long hours every day. Recognize that a hectic work schedule will not be sustainable in the very long-term and work now to make changes.

Here are some ways to make taking a break work for you:


Reading books helps you give your mind a rest from the busy tasks at hand, while also allowing you to grow and develop as a person and business leader. Books on marketing, sales tactics, and business strategy can be really helpful for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business and increase their sales. Don’t hesitate to read purely for pleasure as well. A chapter of a book before bed each night can help you set a true end to the workday and allow your mind to relax before drifting off to sleep.

2.Reconnect with Family and Friends

Running a business is very time-consuming. Scheduling time each day with your family and weekly with your friends can help reduce the strain on relationships that may be happening due to your busy schedule. Make a commitment to shut off your laptop and phone when you walk in the door in the evening so that you have time spent solely on your family. Once your children are in bed, you could work a little longer to finish the day’s tasks. Don’t forget the stress-reducing benefits of well-maintained relationships.

3. Meet with a mentor

Do you have someone who serves as a business mentor or coach? This person can help you solve a bothersome business issue, give you fresh perspective, and leave you energized with solutions. Work on developing this type of relationship if you do not already have one, a business networking group is a great place to start!

4. Take Care of Yourself

Long working hours can mean poor diet, less exercise, and not enough sleep. While you may be able to operate under these conditions occasionally, your health will suffer greatly in the long-term. Give yourself a bedtime each night, make time for exercise, and try to set aside a time each week to plan healthy meals that work with your busy schedule. Surviving on takeout food will add inches to your waistline and weigh you down with health problems in the long-run.

5. Take a Break for Your Business

Do you have time each week set aside for strategic business planning? Establishing a time each week where you will have no interruptions can help you focus on your business. It is a good idea to schedule a session like this for yourself as the business leader as well as an additional session where you met with your executive team. These meetings can give you a break from the daily grind while helping you focus on the big picture.