Grow Your Business By Being A Better Boss

Grow Your Business By Being A Better Boss

Let’s face it, not everyone is a good boss, some are rude and hot-tempered, some just don’t know how to be a leader. You may be asking why does it even matter if you’re a good boss or not. As long as you’re not actually harassing your employees, and pay them on time, does it really matter if your employees like your management style? Well, yes it does. For one thing, being uncivil can cost you your top talent. You may find yourself having to replace your best people frequently (which costs time and money). On top of that, a Harvard Business Review study found that of the employees who report working in an uncivil atmosphere:

  • 48% intentionally decreased their work effort.
  • 47% intentionally decreased the time spent at work.
  • 38% intentionally decreased the quality of their work.

These numbers alone should be enough to convince you to work harder at being a good boss. If you look inward and realize you’re not inspiring your team to work their hardest for you, don’t worry, we’ve gathered tips from business experts to help you become a more effective leader.

Lead instead of dictate – This one comes to us from They advise bosses that, “Just because you are the boss doesn’t mean people will do what you say. If they don’t respect your authority, they will perform at a minimum level to retain their own security. Leaders must inspire their followers to greatness … Then they will do their work with pride and care and be grateful for the empowerment.” The data from the Harvard Business Review back this advice up.

Accentuate the positive – This also comes from “So many bosses spend a great deal of time correcting subordinates for every little thing they do wrong in hopes they’ll eliminate errors and increase efficiency. Unfortunately, people don’t thrive well in an environment of constant criticism.” They also have a bit of advice that may sound familiar to bosses who are also parents (substitute child for employee). As puts it: “The great motivator Tom Hopkins says it best: ‘Keep your eyes open and try to catch people in your company doing something right, then praise them for it’.” agrees. They encourage bosses to “create wins.” Why create wins? Lifehack explains, “Wins create confidence, boost momentum, and inspire action.”

Encourage Feedback and Act on It – A lot of bosses ask for feedback, but not as many actually listen or implement the feedback their workers give them. Employees, like anyone else, like to be heard. As advises, “An employee has to trust you in order to be candid with you about her work experience or even what’s happening among her coworkers. And she won’t trust you if she gives you feedback that you never do anything about.A good boss will listen to his staff and take measures to honor their requests. Sure, that ping pong table in the break room might be a pipe dream, and if it is, be honest about that up front. But for work-related suggestions, do your best to accommodate.”

Show appreciation – This one also comes from Lifehack. “Thank your employees. Just a quick verbal, ‘Thanks,’ or an emailed, ‘Bravo,’ goes a long way. When you model gratitude for your team, you’ll start to see it emerge in how they treat others as well. This strengthens the entire office.”

There’s no shame in not being a natural-born leader. You can always learn to improve. If you’re finding that you need help with processes and managing your business, reach out to us. VersaTel Solutions has many ways to help you grow your business and help your bottom line.