Gift Ideas for the Small Business Owner

Gift Ideas for the Small Business Owner

It’s the time of year when we start scouring stores and websites trying to find gifts for everyone on our lists. If you’ve got a small business owner on your to-buy-for list, or even if you’re a small business owner who deserves at treat, we’ve got some great ideas for you. And even better, these are gifts that take some of the stress out of being an entrepreneur.

A Nice Journal – As we mentioned in an earlier blog, writing and journaling helps reduce stress. Buy your small business owner friend a beautiful journal, and maybe they’ll be more likely to write down their thoughts every day. Your local bookstores usually have a nice selection to choose from.

Gift Card To A Yoga Studio Ohm… A few yoga classes can go a long way to helping anyone relax and de-stress. Studies by the National Institutes of Health and others have shown that just a couple of months of yoga classes can reduce stress. Other studies show that yoga can enhance sleep quality. And what small business owner doesn’t need more sleep? This gift will have the recipient happily saying “namaste!”

A Portable Phone Charger – No business owner wants to miss an important call from a client or a vendor because of a dead cell phone. Even those of us whose phones have long battery life may find ourselves desperately trying to borrow a charger from someone as we feel our blood pressure rise. A portable phone charger solves that problem. Some are so small they can even fit into your wallet, and they can be bought for only around $30.

A “HappyLight” – As the days get longer and grayer, many people experience the blues. With natural sunlight hard to come by, many people turn to artificial sources. As Business News Daily suggests, “With the Verilux HappyLight, entrepreneurs can feel more energetic, efficient and all around happier any time of the year while just sitting at their desk.”

Fidgets – Fidgets! They’re not just for kids. If you know a small business owner who’s always clicking a ball point pen or chewing on the end of a pencil, a fidget might be a better way to get rid of pent up energy. Scientific American finds they’re not just a fad, “Fidget items do seem to serve a valuable purpose.” Look for fidgets at independent toy stores and at online startups specializing in fidgets.

The best gift for small business owners is of course saving time and money. Talk to us at Versatel Solutions about outsourcing tasks so you have more time to concentrate on more important business matters.