Plans and Service

How do I know which plan is right for my business?

We’re taken great strides in ensuring each of our plans fit each important step of company’s growth. During your initial conversation, we will ask you pointed questions to help us determine which plan is best for the current stage your company is in.

Can I cancel service any time?

Yes, however, it must be requested in writing, and goes into effect in 30 days. This time is used for offboarding and transitioning as needed.

Will I have one dedicated service provider, or does it rotate?

Yes, you will have one dedicated provider and will be introduced after service has been engaged.

What if I don’t like my service provider, can I request someone else?

Yes, we take great care in choosing a service provider for you with the right qualifications and understanding of your company’s culture, however, we do understand that sometimes that’s just not enough. We do ask that you give us two weeks to transition a new service provider.

Can I change my subscription plan any time?

Yes. We do our best to help you select the right plan, but if it’s too much or not enough, you can switch to another plan, however, you do need to stay in the new plan for 6 months (if you’ve chosen the yearly plan. If you’ve chosen month-to-month, you need to stay in the plan for one full month).

Do I pay extra for add-ons?

Yes…and no. Each plan above the Startup plan allows for a certain number of add-ons. Otherwise, certain add-ons are additional. Please refer to the Services page for more information.

What if my company is too small for a plan, do you have any other options?

Yes! We do have training options and offer to bring your books up to date and clean your chart of accounts to get you on the right track!

What if my company is too small for services, do you offer alternatives?

Yes, as mentioned above, we offer training options to help you learn how to use QuickBooks until you’re ready to hire a bookkeeper. Keep in mind, we do NOT teach you how to do books, only how to use the software.

Accounting Services

Do you only work on QuickBooks Online?

Mostly. We do understand some companies prefer Desktop, and if we’re able to use Desktop with a remote server (we understand not all companies are equipped with that possibility), we will use Desktop.

How do I know my bookkeeper is qualified?

We pride ourselves in the care we take in hiring our bookkeepers. Along with two proficiency tests, we also have them take 3 personality tests, speak to 3 references, and conduct a national background check.

How can I ensure my private financial information is safe?

We use NoteShred for sharing any logins you prefer to not share over phone during our onboarding process. According to their website, ‘your notes are secured using a strong AES 256bit encryption algorithm with a variable encryption key based on your own password combined with random data. This means that only the people with the password can decrypt the note.’ We also use LastPass for storing logins. ‘LastPass operates on a zero-knowledge security model. Sensitive data stored in LastPass is encrypted at the device level with AES-256 encryption before syncing with TLS to protect from man-in-the-middle attacks.’ Lastly, we use DropBox to store documents. According to their website ‘Dropbox files at rest are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Dropbox uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect data in transit between Dropbox apps and our servers.’

Do you offer tax or financial advice?

No. We will refer you to professionals we have close relationships with to provide you with the information you need.

Do you file taxes?

We do file 1099s and sales tax, but yearly taxes are left in the hands of our wonderful CPAs

Do you provide books in cash or accrual accounting?

Yes! We provide books in both!

Do you provide any other services other than book maintenance?


What’s the difference between a bookkeeper and Accountant?

According to Business News Daily, “Bookkeeping is a transactional and administrative role that handles the day-to-day task of recording financial transactions, including purchases, receipts, sales, and payments. Accounting is more subjective, providing business owners with financial insights based on information taken from their bookkeeping data.”

The Bookkeeper essentially funnels all of your financial transactions and creates legible data with it.

An Accountant will take the data the bookkeeper provides and turns it into information.

I have a CPA, why would I need you?

Your CPA will file your taxes and provide valuable information; however, they shouldn’t be (and don’t like to be) responsible for the day-to-day bookkeeping. Consider the difference between a Nurse, Doctor, and Surgeon. The Bookkeeper, Accountant, and CPA are much the same in responsibilities. Your company needs a Bookkeeper. Your CPA will thank you!

I’m behind on my books, would you be able to bring them up to date?

Yes. Before we begin services, we do a run through of your Chart of Accounts, clean them as needed, and bring your books up to date, and/or clean them up as needed as well.

How do you store my financial information?

We store your financial reports, reconciliation reports, bank and credit card statements, and any supporting documents either in Dropbox or in QuickBooks itself. The security of Dropbox is noted above. 

Administrative Services

I’ve never worked with a remote admin before, how will I know my tasks are being completed when I need them?

Your admin will likely have a weekly call scheduled with you, and perhaps a working task list (all of which can be determined during the onboarding call). Your admin will add a note to each time entry, and at the end of the period, this information will be in your invoice.

How should I communicate with my service provider?

You both can decide this during the onboarding call. We will ask you a series of questions on what works best for you!

What software or tools do you use?

We’ve listed some of the most general software and tools we use, however, if there is something specific your company uses, we are happy to train in the use of it, provided there is training available, and the tools/software are compatible.

Why should I choose a remote admin-I feel so much more comfortable with someone in my office?

Our most recent events have proven best how well people can work remotely! We’ve not only been in the remote business since 2011, our founder has worked remotely since 2002! Most often when you hire someone for 20-40 hours of work in the office, most of that time is spent on unimportant tasks, costing you a ton more than you bargained for!

Do you offer temporary services?

No, unfortunately, we do not, but we can certainly refer you to a few of our colleagues that do!

How best could I use your services to make my business run more efficiently?

This question is best answered during your initial call. During the conversation we will determine what services you need, and what makes most sense to the success of your business. We can’t expect every company to fit into a cookie cutter program. You’re unique, and your service should be as well!

What is the difference between an Administrative Assistant and an Executive Administrative Assistant?

An Administrative Assistant generally works for the office, or the company as a whole. The Executive Assistant works solely for an individual within the company, likely the owner or CEO.

Policy and Process Services

I don’t have any of my company policies written down. Where do I start?

As the saying goes, if you want to eat an Elephant, take it one bite at a time! During your initial call, our Specialist will ask you questions to help filter and align the policies in order of importance.

Why do I need to have this service? It seems unimportant.

Every company, EVERY company should have their policies and procedures written down. Otherwise, what you have is a tailored job, not a business. Your company deserves to have its instructions written down so that you as the owner have the freedom and security to sell, or leave for a short while.

Can you provide a full SOP Manual (Standards of Procedure)?

Yes, and everything in between as well.

What is the difference between a policy, a process, and a procedure?

A policy is the written down principle of action (Our company’s policy on cooking an egg is that we cook them scrambled.”) a process is a series of related tasks or methods that together turn inputs into outputs (“to get the perfect scrambled egg, you must crack the egg into a bowl, beat it, and add to a pan”). The procedure is the steps to take in order to achieve the result (“Step 1. crack the egg into a bowl Step 2. beat them Step 3. add to pan”). In simpler terms, the policy is the why or the question; the process is the what, and the procedure is the how.

Do you also provide workflow charts?

Yes, we do!

What are the qualifications of the policy writer?

Our policy writer is SHRM-CP (Society for Human Resource Management-Certified Professional) a nationally recognized certification for all policy writers.

How can I ensure the policies you write for my company are compliant?

With a national certification comes the expectation to withhold compliances to the highest standards, however, we do have a business attorney available at request to review the policies we create for an additional charge.

If I need a change to my policy, could you provide that?

Yes, however, the change must be made while our services are still engaged.

Can I make changes to my policies or procedures after your service is completed?

Yes, however, we can no longer guarantee its compliance.

Direct Hire Services

What is your 8-Step Process for hiring someone for my company?

We first interview you to understand what you are looking for in a candidate. Then, we write the ad, and get your approval. When we have candidates, this is when the steps begin. Step 1. We have an automatic filter of questions they must first answer. Step 2. If they’ve answered satisfactorily, we then have a preliminary phone interview with a second set of questions. Step 3. They are sent a proficiency test according to the position, and 3 different personality tests. Step 4. There is a face-to-face interview with a set of distinctly graded questions. Step 5. We narrow the list to 2-3 candidates and share the information we’ve gathered. You now have the option to interview 1,2, or all together with us. Step 6 is an interview together with the candidate and us. Step 7. References are called on the candidates you wish to select from, and background checks are done. Step 8. The candidate is selected and we assist for the first 3 months in onboarding the candidate and helping you iron out the transition to make it as smooth as possible.

Why would I choose your company over a recruiter?

We charge a flat fee for our service, and offer an additional 3 months of correspondence to help you with the transition. We want you to succeed and recognize that can only be done with a personal touch!

Joining the Team

What are the benefits of working for your company?

We’ve worked hard to create a supportive environment where all of our team members can balance their professional and personal lives successfully. Your schedule is on your terms, and you have the support of our entire team when you need help with an assignment, task, or just have a question. VersaTel Solutions is a great option for stay-at-home parents who’ve had to leave their professional or corporate jobs in favor of their families, or for individuals who need flexibility as they pursue other endeavors.  Because of this, we’ve had the great advantage of having a team of professionals with incredible experience and backgrounds!

How do I apply?

What can I expect when I join the team?

Everyone on our team is contracted, your time is your own, however, we do have a code of conduct, and best business practices we require. We hope that we are all on the same page, and decorum and a considerate environment is the cornerstone of our company. The work is on a sliding scale-you may start off with small clients, and move towards more time. You will always be asked first if a certain client is one you would like to add to your roster or not. Ours is a communicative environment, and one where we foster growth as well as balance.

What is the hiring process?

Much like the direct hire process, we follow strict guidelines to ensure we’re both a great fit for one another. As mentioned above, we first filter each candidate by an initial set of questions. From there, we’ll either set up a quick phone call or email to ask a few more questions to make sure the candidate understands our company standards and culture. If the candidate still feels we are the right company for them, we set up a face-to-face interview. Prior to the interview, the candidate will receive three personality tests and a proficiency test in the field of interest. If the results are satisfactory, we will meet for the proper interview. During the interview, the candidate is asked a series of graded questions. If the candidate passes, and is close to hire, we will reach out to three references with a form to fill to gather more information, and a background check is conducted. If the candidate passes those, they are hired! A profile form will be sent to the candidate for onboarding so that we keep in mind the types of clients you would most prefer, and the full onboarding process continues from there.

Company Information

How long have you been in business?

Sevana Stone started this company January 1st, 2011, with nothing more than an idea, experience and determination! Back then, Sevana worked as the sole bookkeeper and administrative assistant. At that time, VersaTel Solutions also offered content management, which fell on her shoulders as well. Since then, the company has grown, and is still growing!

What makes your company special?

In 2002, Sevana’s daughter (the oldest of 3) was a year old, and she faced a tough decision many parents today face: how to care for her child and continue working outside the home? She left the ‘9-5’ workforce to find a better balance for her growing family. Sevana took on virtual admin positions, bookkeeping, and wrote for different media outlets (having the most experience in journalistic writing). The at-home jobs came to a head in 2010 when she decided to start a business to bring all the facets behind a successful small business together. She knew what it was to run a business (having had two successful endeavors already), and she knew what it was to be a working mother with few options. The kind of care Sevana put into growing a conscious business is the kind of care your business will also get. Your business, truly is our business, and it shows in the service we provide.

Why should I choose your company for my needs?

We understand what it takes to run a successful business at its most basic level. We take great care in learning about you, your business, and how you want to grow. Our communicative environment creates a strong, holistic relationship that you likely won’t find anywhere else! Our company specifically offers these three main services because we know without any one of those services, a company will fail. Get top notch service under one roof, simplifying your goals, and fine-tuning your focus!

How do I know if my company is right for you?

As important as it is for us to be the right fit for you, it’s just as important to us for you to be the right fit for us. We can help you discover what your company needs to be successful, but we can’t force you to do what needs to be done to make it so. We check in and update often, and expect the same level of communication from you. Also, we may task you from time to time with things we simply do not have the access or authority to do. Help us help you, and be open to an ongoing conversation because in the end, we both have the same goal in mind!