Facebook Changes that Can Kill Small Business Social Media

 Facebook Changes that Can Kill Small Business Social Media

Facebook can be an important social media tool for small businesses, but it can be difficult for your business to establish the customer reach it would like to through social media due to its design, complicated systems, and amount of time required. Understanding the way Facebook works for businesses can help you reach your audience. Facebook has 1.3 billion users across every demographic. Many businesses use their Facebook page as a hub for customer service or product feedback and to keep the conversation going with your customer.

1.Facebook Algorithms

Facebook is constantly tweaking their algorithms in terms of what posts show up in a user’s newsfeeds. Personal posts are prioritized over business ads, sponsored posts, or company posts. With an increasing number of businesses using the Facebook platform, it is harder for the little companies to stand out, particularly when larger companies can pay for advertisements.

An important thing to remember however is that an organic like from a customer or someone who is interested in your business is more important than someone running across your ad or post and giving it a like. Posting interesting, useful, and unique content to your business page can increase your organic likes as well as interest in your company. Focusing on customer engagement with your Facebook page rather than the number of likes you are receiving will save you unnecessary money on ads and will also keep your focus in the right place.

2. Outsourcing Social Media Management

There are pros and cons to outsourcing the management of your social media. Managing platforms like Facebook take up a lot of time and require knowledge of how Facebook works, so outsourcing social media management can help you increase your reach. On the other hand, choose your company carefully since you do not want to lose the authenticity of your brand. Facebook is often a way for a customer to ask a question or review your business, so it is important that you still can access and respond to these posts.

3. Failing to Provide Value

Small businesses may struggle with providing value to their customers through their Facebook page. Most social media users are looking for a Facebook page that is informative, entertaining, and interesting. You do not need to be funny, political, or controversial since Facebook posts on these subjects are a great way to enter a social media crisis. While a big company may survive bad moves on social media, it may be much harder for your brand to recover from a poorly written joke that wound up being offensive. Keeping a social personality that is likeable and a Facebook page that is informative should be your basic goals.