About us

Versatel Solutions LLC

When we began VersaTel Solutions back in 2011, we wanted to create a culture full of support and foster real success. But, what is success? We think it’s a happy, relatively stress-free, healthy life, where professional and personal lives live in harmony. Maybe to some it’s lots of money, or awards, or accolades, and sure, there’s something to that. But in the end, we know the importance of balance. We know from past experience how hard it can be to run a business and try to balance that with your personal life, especially when your business is so small, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish the two.

We take pride in our ability to be more to our clients than a transaction. We’re here to have conversations, brainstorm with you, come up with ideas, and produce solutions. We are just as passionate about your viability as you are. It’s our mission to make your business our business too. If there’s a problem, we want to fix it for you, with you. Sure, we could be a company that provides service, and stop there, but hey, we’re gluttons, and we pride ourselves on that extra mile, because in the end, balance is important to us too. And we can’t have that if we don’t provide our clients with the same level of excellence we expect of ourselves.

Who Do We Think We Are?


We do our best to be as transparent as possible. Maybe it results in you choosing another company, or wanting a different service provider. That’s ok. Our reputation is important to us, and honesty is high on that list. If we see something that doesn’t seem right, you’ll be the second person to know.


We understand that there are many moving parts in your company, and we may have to work with those parts to get the job done. We’re ready to pull up our sleeves and join in with either your team, or, we’ll help you find the right people. For years, we’ve built relationships with other B2B companies so we can refer them to you when you need them.


There’s a reason why we ask if there are any 3rd parties involved in your company. We want to introduce ourselves to your CPA, your Business Coach, your Attorney, or whomever else needs us to do our job, so that they can do theirs. We take the first step to gather as much information possible to prepare for step 2 before we start step 1.


We’ve been accused of talking too much, and yea sure, we suffer from it, but how many times have you heard (or been victim to) a company providing service that you never hear from? We talk. We talk a lot. We think your business deserves constant communication. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.


We know as much as anyone that business is not linear; it’s an ebb and flow. There’s no way to fairly offer simple, black and white options, when your environment is mostly gray. We’ll work together with you always, to offer what you need, and take out what you don’t.

Problem Solving

It’s our job to find answers, even if you didn’t ask us to. If we find something to be troublesome, or even a money saving option, we’re going to share it with you. You may not want to take us up on it, and that’s ok. We’re here to offer them to you, it’s your choice to accept them.

Does this sound like you?

Do you see similarities between our company and your core values? We may not offer the same things as you, but what we want is the same. Success, balance, and a positive future, both for yourself and your company. Contact us, we’d love to meet you!