5 Effective Time Management Skills

5 Effective Time Management Skills

Time is money! We all know that the more effective we are at completing our work, the more money we will make. Ultimately, being more productive will give you more time in your schedule to get more accomplished and result in more money in your pocket. You work hard every day, and some days are more productive than others. Here are 5 effective time management skills that will increase your productivity at work.

Plan your work – If you have no direction for the day, then your productivity level won’t be very high. Set aside time at the end of your day to list things that need to be done tomorrow or start your day with a 15 minute planning session for the day. Once you get your day planned out, you’ll know exactly which tasks will be the most productive for the day.

Prioritize – After making your work plan for the day, assess the tasks that you need to accomplish first, second, and so forth. If you treat every task as the most important, you might miss deadlines, phone calls, or other important things.

Know when to multitask – Multitasking can really increase your productivity. If you can get two tasks done at once, you’re going to get more done! Some studies show that multitasking can actually reduce productivity. If your attention is divided, the quality of your work may go down. Also, some tasks can be let incomplete. Assess your own working style and whether you are able to multitask effectively. Try to do several small tasks at once that you’re very proficient at. Solely focus on bigger tasks that are of more importance to produce a high quality.

Reduce distractions – Studies show that if you get interrupted while you work, the quality and quantity of work that you get accomplished will go down. Sometimes you can’t help distractions if you work in an office. But you can structure your day appropriately and use simple techniques to reduce the amount of distractions. If you’re prone to checking your phone or email every few minutes, put your phone away or set up blocks of time where you only do a specific task before taking a break or checking emails.

Learn to say no – One of the harder time management skills is to say no when an opportunity arises. We all jump at the opportunity to get more clients or money-making opportunities. Sometimes, though, our plates are too full already, or the job doesn’t necessarily fit our skill set. Make sure to carefully evaluate each new opportunity to see whether your skill set and available time will produce a successful completion.

Every day is a new day to be more productive! Make sure to get enough rest and eat well so that you can focus and increase productivity. By being proactive and efficient, you’ll make more money out of your time!