3 Women Business Leaders Who Inspire

3 Women Business Leaders Who Inspire

Leader of the free world, Beyonce, has said many times before, girls run the world. Women business leaders have risen by 27% between 2007 and 2012, and Black women business leadership has risen by 67%. And we are not just adding diversity to the business world, but we’re changing the whole game.

Businesses always depended on women for their businesses to run. Women have been a source of labor for so long, but we were rarely given opportunities for leadership. Now, we’re running our own businesses, and there are thousands of amazing women who are inspiring the next generation to not only lead, but to change the whole game.

So let’s jump right in, with 3 women business leaders who inspire!


Dr. Sadaf Monajemi, See-Mode Technologies

Dr. Sadaf Monajemi is leader of the MedTech startup, See-Mode Technologies. She’s changing the landscape of medicine and technology by giving doctors the resources to predict strokes without additional, expensive testing.

Her work fills a hole in stroke-prevention by using collected medical images to inform doctors of critical risk factors that are hard to find in a doctor’s setting without additional tests.

Her technology saves doctors time, money, and most importantly, lives.


Mary Kay Ash, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay Ash is one of those original pioneers who created pathways to inspire women to create their own businesses. She start Mary Kay Cosmetics as a way to embrace women to be their own business leaders and to help build an economy where women don’t have to rely on men for their income.

She started her company after facing blatant sexism in the workplace, when the man she trained was given a promotion instead of her. Her work has inspired thousands of women and created one of the leading cosmetic industries in the country.


Jessica O’Matthews, Uncharted Power

Jessica O’Matthews is one of the most inspiring figures for any woman looking to get into business. Her company, which is one of our favorite names ever, is Uncharted Power, a business that creates toys that convert play into electricity.

O’Matthew’s first invention was the Soccket a soccer ball which generates power for an attachable reading lamp. Creating a beautiful correlation between play and learning.

This invention is very useful in countries without reliable access to electricity. O’Matthews got her idea for this invention while at Harvard University. She was at her Aunt’s wedding in Nigeria when the power went out. The diesel generators came out, and O’Matthews knew that there had to be a better way.

Through her inventions, she not only provides environmentally friendly solutions to electricity scarcity, but she manages to do so in a way that encourages natural and beneficial social growth between children and adults.

You can find inspiring women in business anywhere you go, and especially in Northern Virginia. You can start looking right here at Versatel Solutions, or you can look at several of our amazing clients.

We want to make sure women are successful, and that starts by supporting women-owned businesses. Are you with us?