3 Tips on Effective Content Writing

3 Tips on Effective Content Writing

Many business leaders have the wrong idea about content. Stuff like blogs, social media posts, and email campaigns are considered deliverable products that help boost your business. These companies are worried about content as a deliverable to invest in. 

These businesses miss the point. It’s not the content itself that’s the investment, it’s the strategy that your content contributes to that makes a difference. But how do you develop good strategy? When you know your clients’ pain points, you’re better able to help. That’s why we’re here to help you out with 3 tips on effective content writing. 

All Content Must Tell a Story

Storytelling is making sure that your content follows a narrative. Maybe there’s a character with a problem and your business comes in to save it. Maybe you have a bunch of statistics, and you tell the story behind those numbers to make them memorable. The point is that you create memories out of data by making it a story. 

People don’t remember numbers, they remember stories. So making sure that your content campaign is also a storytelling campaign is key to making your business memorable. 

All Stories Must Have a Strategy

But storytelling is not enough to create successful content. It also has to be part of a campaign strategy. Strategy must encompass how you use your stories to be most effective. When you tell stories through your content, you also need to ask how people will react to your content and ask what you want people to do with the memories you create with them. 

All Strategies Must Know Their Audience

The only way your strategy can be effective is if you know who to market to. You need to know exactly who the people you’re reaching out to are. You need to know what they like, what they react to. If you want them to have memories and respond to those memories, then you need to know what they respond to. 

To craft your audience, you need to do some give and take. You decide the kind of people you want to attract, but they ultimately decide what they react to. 


It all starts with knowing your audience. You need to know what your audience likes, and then build a strategy around that. Once you’ve done all of that work, you’re ready to come to someone like us who can help you create content around that strategy.