3 Signs that Your Business Needs a Bookkeeper

3 Signs that Your Business Needs a Bookkeeper

Business owners should worry about what their business does, not the financial nitty gritty. Small businesses everywhere have to also be careful about the hires they make. You don’t have the budget to hire all the help you want. You need to know that you will get a heavy return on your investment with every person you hire.

Luckily, we make that easy at Versatel Solutions. Many small businesses only need us for 2 hours a week at a time, and we have plenty of bookkeepers who are happy to do that for you.

But even then, is your business ready for a bookkeeper? Here are 3 signs to figure out if your business needs a bookkeeper.


You Don’t Know Your Numbers

Want to know the number one reason why businesses fail? It’s because they don’t know their numbers. Knowing your numbers means understanding how much money is going in, how much is going out, what the difference is, and how that difference changes over time. A lot of math goes into this and simply collecting the data can be exhausting.


You Dread Doing Your Books and Get Behind

So first let’s just say that if you aren’t doing your books your business is going to either stagnate at almost nothing or fail (most likely fail). You need to know your numbers. That said, if you try to do it all yourself, it becomes a dreadful task. Business owners simply should not be doing their own books. It takes too much time. And frankly, you’re going to get behind. After all, your books are practically begging you to procrastinate on them.


Tax Season Was Hell

Remember tax season last month? If you’re like me and almost everyone else in this country, you were pulling your hair out! All these tax law changes we have to keep up with only to figure out that we have to pay even more? It’s exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A good bookkeeper will give you the numbers you need to stay on track of your taxes. The IRS rewards people who make taxes a habit of their business instead of something to put off at the last minute. A bookkeeper will also greatly reduce your chances of being audited by the IRS, and even if you do get audited, you will be more prepared.

Basically, if your business is up and running, you need a bookkeeper.