3 Free Must-Have Marketing Apps to Keep Your Business Ahead

3 Free Must-Have Marketing Apps to Keep Your Business Ahead

The marketing world is a lot more different today than it used to be. Every day we move towards a business economy that places more and more importance on branding, messaging, and marketing. 

The internet world is huge, and full of opportunities to talk about your business, but you need to create the spark that will get people talking. To do that, you need the right tools so that you’re able to maximize your messaging without overworking yourself. 

So without further ado, here are 3 free must-have marketing apps to keep your business ahead. 


Social media work is exhausting. You have to create a content calendar; write all the content; find pictures; retweet videos, articles, and websites; and so much more! And you have to do that one each social media channel. 

Without an app that will schedule posts to all your social media channels, you will not be able to keep up. That’s why Hootsuite (or something similar, like Buffer) is crucial for any small business or non-profit. 

This app is free, and the free version is really all you need until you find yourself growing exponentially. 


Repeat after me: 👏 Email 👏 Marketing 👏 Is 👏 Still 👏 Relevant 👏.

In fact, now more than ever, it’s important to keep an updated email list. As more businesses saturate our inboxes, it is true that email marketing is more difficult than it used to be. But that doesn’t mean it’s useless. 

Having a captivating email that can attract clients or customers with amazing deals are great and highly successful as long as you know how to get your audience’s attention. 

And Mailchimp is great for creating email campaigns that grab your attention, and guide you towards creating a professional look to hundreds of people. 


Airtable isn’t necessarily a marketing app, it’s more in the realm of productivity. But it’s a great app that brings all the benefits of Microsoft Excel to the 21st century. 

Airtable is basically an online excel sheet, but with a lot of changes to make the UI much simpler and allows you to organize your sheet exactly as you like it without a lot of hassle.

You can easily search for what you need, create tags, attach pictures, assign tasks to team members, and more with just one click of a button. This app is easy to use, and makes team communication much easier. 


These apps all help your business grow without taking much time out of your work. Having an app that takes care of your social media, your email list, and your productivity saves you a lot of time that you could put into better areas of your business.