10 Of The WORST And 10 OF THE BEST Words To Use On Linkedin

10 Of The WORST And 10 OF THE BEST Words To Use On Linkedin

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Linkedin is fast becoming the preferred social networking platform for many businesses and brands. With the audience at Facebook being made up mostly of consumers, Linkedin offers an alternate arena for B2B businesses. Regardless of the forum one uses to market their product, services, or company, it’s incredibly important to say the right things, and make certain it’s understandable. For example, I found this sentence on the web: “In the face of the down economy the strategic, disruptive approach is to identify influencers with extensive experience in creating problem-solving results.” huh?

So many professionals are clamoring for the consumer’s (including businesses) attention; it’s difficult to say the right words that will ring in the appropriate ears. In saying this, here is a list of the WRONG words to use when describing yourself, your company, your brand, or your services:

  1. Motivated
  2. Results-oriented
  3. Extensive experience
  4. Team player
  5. Problem Solver


These words are redundant and don’t draw a clear picture of who you are and what your brand is capable of.  You want your reader/consumer/audience, to know who you are and trust your brand before becoming a client, so give real life examples; use words that truly describe you and your brand.

  1. Creative
  2. Effective
  3. Organizational
  4. Innovative
  5. Responsible

There are businesses out there that are truly ‘creative’ by posting videos or strong updates that showcase their knowledge in their field. Being vague and using words that don’t truly describe you will cause the reader/potential client to look to your competitors. So, now that you know what words you shouldn’t use, what about the RIGHT words to use? Here’s a list of action words you should be using to truly describe who you are:

  1. Created
  2. Increased
  3. Reduced
  4. Improved
  5. Developed
  6. Researched
  7. Accomplished
  8. Won
  9. On time
  10. Under budget

Also, use verbs and nouns specific to your industry to showcase your familiarity and knowledge of your base. Remember, to truly garner more clients and build your business, you must involve yourself in more than just Linkedin, and more than just social media. This is a great start to give others insight in you and your brand. Now, go to your page, and change out those overused words before one more person passes you based on what you say; not what you meant.